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    Anant Tab A Complete Men Care Tonic

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    Navika’s unique Asav Based preparation for Syrups & Special Binding process for Tablets acts 4 Times Faster than conventional Syrups & Tablets.

    Disease/ Symptoms:                   

    • Low Physical & Mental Stamina.
    • Fatigue & Stress.
    • General Weakness.
    • Lack of Libido.
    • Sexual Weakness.
    • Early Ejaculation.
    • Low Sperm Count.
    • Impotency.

    (Kindly scroll down to Description for more information)

    Key Herbs:

    • Musli
    • Talmakhana
    • SalamMishri
    • Ashwagandha
    • Anant-Mool,
    • Gokhshru
    • Kaunch
    • Vanshlochan
    • Vidari-Kand
    • Shatawar
    Pack Size : 60 tabs.


    Unique Advantages:

    • Builds up Physical Stamina, Mental Stamina,Vitality & Vigour. Works on all systems of
      Male Body. Reproductive System, Digestive System, Circulatory System etc. It boosts
      over all energy & helps in over coming day to day fatigue & stress without
      any side effects .
    • Non-Habit forming hence no dependence. Doesn’t contain fast acting medicines viz. Gold, Silver, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury &Opium etc. Which may work fast, but may increase blood pressure & can cause rapid burn out of Body Energy Stores. This slowly leads the body to pathetic performance & ultimately results in incurable incompetence & impotency.
    • Anant is non habit forming Male Tonic hence there is no dependence on it even after
      long term use. Anant has shown considerable improvement in patients of paralysis. Nervine response becomes better. Pyschomotor response, hand eye co-ordination improves significantly.

    Recommended Usage:

    For acute problems 2-3 therapies of 45 days each with a gap of 10-15 days between
    each therapy. For chronic problems 4-5 therapies of 45 days each.
    Maintenance Dose:3-4 therapies in a year.

    Anant Dosage Schedule: 2 Tablets Once Daily evening preferrably 5-7 pm with warm Milk.In severe conditions 2 Tablets twice daily morning after breakfast & evening as advised

    For Best results take 1-2 tablets of Juvenis with butter milk empty stomach

    Diet Suggestions:

    Take Pure-Ghee 2-3 spoons in each meal. Include curd & butter-milk 2-3 times in a week. Use un-refined oils as cooking medium i.e.Sesame Oil, Mustard Oil, Coconut Oil etc. Avoid tea coffee, red & green chillies. Include Black pepper & Indian non chilly home made Garam Masala while cooking meals. Roasted Papad may be taken after each meal. For those not suffering with Sugar problem Sweetened wet Petha (Ash Gourd), Angoori Pethe ki Mithai or Pickeled(murraba) Apple/Carrot is recommended 2-3 pcs (after washing off extra sugar syrup over it) empty stomach. A handful of mixed nuts Almond, Walnut & few Cashews may be taken in the evening.


    Weight 250 g


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