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Madhya Pradesh, central part of India has been rich in black soil & blessed with natural resources such as various useful plants. Inspired by the same, we at Navika Remedies have set up our works at Bhopal. The unit is spread across 1/3rd of an acre to provide you high quality Ayurvedic Medicines produced by quality raw material (natural herbs)..

"Launched in the year 2005, Navika Remedies has been in the field of Ayurveda for about 14 years now. The Company has a Portfolio of 20+ highly effective & successful Products. Navika Remedies has a strong market presence in Central Madhya Pradesh & Western U.P. Markets"

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Help is there in the lap of nature extended to you by Navika Remedies.


It has not only cleansed our body but it has also cleansed our mind as well. Seeking help at "Prakrati Path" and adopting Navika Remedies medicines has given us a new beginning in life.

Mr. K.P. Agarwal & Mrs. Agarwal

Kanak tablets therapy has rapidly enhanced my internal strength and health. My friends started complementing me that I am looking fairer, healthier and my skin started glowing. Kanak is amazing. Thanks a lot .

Mrs. Namrata Raghuvanshi

I took Kanak tablets for dark complexion, pimples and blackheads. After 30 days people could spot the difference on my face. To my surprise my severely cracked heels and feet soles became smooth. Magical experience!

Mrs. M Sharma

My life was full of stress & I was suffering with High BP & Sugar.I started treatment with Acharyaji's Prakrati Path now with his quality medicines guidance & support I am a relieved man.My problems of BP & Sugar are also very much under control.

Mr. Vishwnath

I have been suffering from spondylitis and sciatic pains for a long time. I started treatment with “Prakrati Path”. Now I feel much better and relieved. I highly recommend products of Navika Remedies.

Mrs. Meena

Thankyou Acharyaji for helping me cure my severe pain because of slip disc. Your treatment is amazing. Acharyaji's "Prakrati Path" has been a Boon for me.

Mr. Lokesh

My entire family has been associated with Acharyaji's Prakrati Path for many many years now. His treatment & guidance has been par excellence. My experience at Prakrati Path has been full of enlightenment.

Anupriya Sharma

I was suffering with high BP & severe joint problems.My life became so blissful after getting associated with Acharyaji. His treatment at "Prakrati Path" is par excellence. Thanks!
Thankyou !

Mr. Kalia