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    Oriel is the SUPER EFFECTIVE remedy offered by Navika to fight against any form of UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTONS viz. cough and cold which are rampantly prevalent nowadays. Oriel gives 100% relief in Chronic Asthma and Dust Allergy. Dependence on Bronchodilators & Inhalers goes down within a fortnight, Frequency as well as severity of Asthma attacks gets controlled. Breathlessness reduces dramatically.This makes Oriel one of the best Natural Remedy for cold and flu for sure.

    Key Herbs: Vasa, Jatamansi, Dashmool, Saunth, Pipal,Bharangi, Pushkarmool, Daruhaldi.

    Disease/Symptoms: Respiratory Tract Infections. Common Cold & Cough. Asthma. Bronchitis. Dust & Food Allergy, Common Cold, Cough & Flu like symptoms.

    Unique Advantages/USPs:

    • Unique 45 days of asavikaran process sets Oriel on different dimension for tackling Virus &  Upper  Respiratory Tract Infections & Common Cold Cough as compared to it’s competitors thus making it the best Natural Remedy for cold and flu out there.
    • 100% Results in Asthma & Dust Allergy.
    • Dependence on inhalers & bronchodialators goes down dramatically.Frequency as well as severity gets  controlled.

    Oriel Dosage Schedule:Twice Daily,

    Morning:After Meals,  Evening:After Meals.

    Adults:15-20ml (4-5 teaspoons) twice daily.

    Dilute each dose with equal quantity of water.

    Children:0.5 ml per kg body weight per dosage twice daily.( for example 10kg child will get 5 ml of  Oriel Asav twice daily)

    Pack Size: 200ml MRP: 160

    Recommended Usage:

    • For Asthma & Chronic Respiratory Problems  4-5 therapies of 45 days each with a gap of 10- 15  days between each therapy.
    • For Dust Allergy 2 therapies of 45 days each.
    • For Upper Respiratory Infections &  common cold & cough 05-15 days of therapy.

    Expected Course of action of Medicine:

    Cough expectoration can be observed.Loss of appetite if present will improve. A few times loose motions can occur with mucoid nature. If fever occurs then avoid heavy antibiotics as the immunity of the patient is automatically enhanced.Discontinued Oriel during fever.

    Oriel Syp is Registered Trade Mark of Navika Remedies which has been launched 15 years ago in 2005.Right from the launch day of this dynamic brand it has become the first choice prescription Herbal Medicinefor the leading Medical Fraternity all across. The soothing & healing effect of Oriel can be observed right from the first dosage of this wonder natural Remedy for cold and flu and for those who suffer from attacks of viral Infection, Cough like symptoms.Oriel serves as a boon for those suffering from breathlessness & difficulty in breathing as it dilates/clears the airways & lungs through it’s specially processed research based herbal contents.It is these unique qualities of Oriel which enables this powerful brand to counter the attacks of Asthma.Orielreduces the dependence on broncho dilators & inhalers as well as other conventional medication for Asthama& Bronchitis.Oriel is backed by 30 years of research by our Hon’ Chairperson Shri Acharya Navdeep making it the most optimum Natural Remedy for cold and flu and other UPPER REPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS offered by us.

    Whatsapp No. for Consultation:Shri Acharya Navdeep: 8959051618

    Visit: https://navikaremedies.com/anant.html

    Whatsapp No. for enquiry: Mr.Vikas S Shrivastava:9329090924

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