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    Ayurvedic tips for women and their health


    The modern era woman is not the one who stays at home and does only household chores. They stand up, go out and run the world. Even the simplest homemakers deal with the hustle and bustle of life with great ease and simplicity. But since ages, the giving nature of women hasn’t changed at all. Their fidelity to their family and work keeps growing and often they forget about self-care and living a healthy lifestyle. With this chaotic life there are very common problems women face. And instead of finding natural remedies for them, they take harmful medicines and drugs full of chemicals not at all suitable for their bodies, which not only have short-term but long-term side effects. From irregular menstruation cycle to oily skin and acne, we think that the only solution to them are tablets and external supplements packed in fancy bottles. But the women of today’s era have forgotten that nature has a lot more for them to offer.

    “But first, you have to take a bowl put a little self-love and empathy for your health in it. Mix it up nicely. And boom, you’re ready to know the secret to health and beauty”.This is one of the best tips for women and their health.First of all, before unravelling the mystical magic of nature for you let’s agree with the famous proverb ‘no pain, no gain’. For attaining a healthy body, you need to give up certain edible things which have been affecting your body for a really long time. Some of them include alcohol, fried, spicy and oily food, too much caffeine etc. Just with this simple step you’d be free of constipation and bloating. Second of all, before consumption of anything natural regular exercise, regular sleep and regular meditation are a must for you. This helps the better functioning of your neuromuscular system.

    Ayurveda is a science which has deciphered the complex working of herbs and plants for the betterment of mankind. We often come across tips and remedies online but just like any WhatsApp forward we ignore it.

    Tip No.1 –Great Hair

    According to Ayurveda, hair loss is usually caused by the pitta dosha functions which regulate our metabolism and digestion. Another explanation may be certain hormonal imbalances in men and women which cause hair loss. The nutrients we eat support our hair follicles. You can add cool and sweet foods such as buttermilk, coconut oil, cinnamon and fruits such as melons, grapes and pomegranates for balancing the pitta dosha. You may not have known this but it’s calcium-rich coconut water that promotes hair production, so drink it up.

    Bhringraj is said to encourage hair growth, strengthen hair, and prevent          graying and dandruff. Bhringraj is also considered the king of herbs and the oil extracted from it is a one-stop remedy for all hair woes you may have.So applying Bringraj oil is an extremely useful Ayurvedic tip for women and men too.

    Tip No.2- Flawless Skin

    Ayurveda was a very early mantra adopter which said that “beauty comes from inside” Ayurvedic doctors prefer coconut oil for everyday use because it is naturally soothing, and not too strong. Many people swear by ghee, so you may try it as well. An optimum Ayurvedic remedy to cure dry and irritated skin would be to use organic castor oil mask too. And if you struggle the other way round, you absorb excess oil with chickpea flour. Using it to remove excess oil from the nose, arms, and back act as a foundation for masks.

    Tip No.3- Immunity;Your Defense mechanism

    Spices play a significant role in promoting different roles in improving your immunity. For eg, cumin burns Ama, turmeric helps detoxify and black pepper clears Ojas ‘ passage to enter all the cells and deep tissues. Ojas is a Sanskrit word meaning sap of life, strength, radiance, internal energy, vigor, or juice of life. It is the body’s basic material or nature that protects and sustains us and defines our happiness and spiritual, physical and mental health. Wintertime is a perfect chance to take care of oneself and is one of the best times to utilize the various Ayurvedic tips for women and men avaialable out there. The immune system is strengthened by rest and increased metabolic activity where we develop the ojas. We begin a process of poor health when our ojas are low and depleted but when it is solid, juicy and luscious we set ourselves up for a lifetime of inner and outer beauty.

    Tip 4 – Happiness in daily life

    Arrange for your husband or friends to take care of the children once or twice a week so that you can take a break from your duties and chores. You can take dance lessons once or twice a week at night or meet a partner for a walk early in the morning.In other words, the best natural or Ayurvedic tips for women and their health would be to make time for themselves, harmonizing with nature and pampering yourself too and never forgetting to love yourself and respecting your limitations.

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