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    Anant is an ideal Ayurvedic health supplement for Men which rejuvenates and revitalizes their entire body and has been specially processed to work on all Systems be it Respiratory, Digestive, Reproductive, or the Skeletal system etc of Male body & therefore builds up strong Immunity against viruses and infections is indeed one of the best Ayurvedic health tonic for men. It does not contain fast acting medicines viz. Gold, Silver, lead etc. like many other products in the market which may work fast but can cause rapid burn out of Body Energy Stores. It builds up physical and mental stamina, vigour, and Vitality.It is a non- habit forming supplement and thus there’s no dependence.

    Key Herbs:

    Musli, Talmakhana, SalamMishri, Ashwagandha,Anant-Mool,Gokhshru, Kaunch, Vanshlochan,Vidari-Kand, Shatawar.


    Low Physical & Mental Stamina. Fatigue & Stress. General Weakness.Lack of Libido. Sexual Weakness. Early Ejaculation. Low Sperm Count.Impotency.

    Unique Advantages/USPs:

    • Builds up Physical Stamina, Mental  Stamina & Vitality.
    • Works on all systems of Male Body.  Reproductive System, Digestive System, Circulatory System etc.
    • Non-Habit forming hence no dependence.
    • Doesn’t contain fast acting medicines viz. Gold, Silver, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury & Opium etc.Which all though work fast but can cause rapid burn out of  Body  Energy Stores.This slowly leads the  body to pathetic performance & ultimately results in incurable incompetence & impotency.Many Male health tonics out there contain such fast acting medicines.Thus, Anant is an unbeatable and one of the safest Ayurvedic health tonic for men.

    Anant Dosage Schedule: 2 Tablets Once Daily evening preferrably 5-7 pm with warm Milk.In severe conditions 2 Tablets twice daily morning after breakfast & evening as advised above.

    For Best results take 2 tablets of Juvenis with butter milk empty stomach & follow Anant Dosage Schedule as mentioned.

    Pack Size:60 Tab

    MRP: 375

    Recommended Usage: For acute problems 2-3 therapies of 45 days each with a gap of 15 days between each therapy.For chronic problems 4-5 therapies of 45 days each.Maintenance Dose:3-4 therapies in a year.

    Expected Course of action of Medicine: Anant starts Detoxification so Diarrhea or occasionally loose or brown stools(semi-solid) with or without froth may be observed. Increase of appetite is also expected.

    Anant tablets is Registered Trade Mark of Navika Remedies which has been launched in 2009 to dispel the wrongnotion of acquiring instant results from Ayurvedic Products as offered by conventional brands targeted towards men.Anant is backed by 30 years of research by our Hon’ Chairperson Shri Acharya Navdeep. Anant is an oral Herbal Health Supplement which is gentle yet powerful enough to bring about desired health & stamina benefits for menwithout any long term side effects which may happen with usage of other competition brands promising rapid reults.  The results from Anant starts showing up over a period of time from within in the form of New leash of Energy,Stamina, Vigour & Clear Complexion etc. which are sustained & do not fade away and is therefore an excellent Ayurvedic health tonic for men. The results from other widely available competition Ayurvedic Brands may be rapid but are short lived & habit forming resulting in dependence on these competition brands. Anant in 11years of it’s existence has helped many men transform their body to a differentdimension of Health & Endless Energy.

    Whatsapp No. for Consultation: Shri Acharya Navdeep: 8959051618

    Visit: https://navikaremedies.com/anant.html

    Whatsapp No. for enquiry: Mr.Vikas S Shrivastava:9329090924

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