An Unmatched Hepatic care.

Pack Size : 60 tabs / 200ml.

  • Disease / Symptoms

  • Jaundice.

  • Hepatitis.

  • Long bouts of sickness.

  • ATT course.

  • Cirrhosis.

  • Fatty Liver.

  • Retarded Growth.

  • Immuno-Modulator.
  • Advantages

  • Brings down the SGPT level, SGOT level Serum Bilirubin level in short Duration.

  • Rejuvenates Liver as well as whole Body Tissues.

  • Superior processing ( Asavikaran ) gives 3 times faster results than common liver Brands.

  • Weakness gets controlled very fast after long sickness.

  • Highly effective as a supportive medicine during treatment for tuberculosis. Prevents liver damage.

  • Prevents Liver damage form excessive alcohol intake.

Key Herbs:

  • Punarnava, Kutki, Muramansi, Harad, Gokshru, Chandan, Musali, Bhoomi-Amla, Daru-Haldi, Ashwgandha, Bharangi, Lalchandan.

    Navika's unique Asav Based preparation for Syrups & Special Binding process for Tablets.
    Acts >> 4 Time Faster than conventional Syrups & Tablets.