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Attention!! : Corporate / IT Professionals / Sales Professional / Marketing Professional.... Are You Stressed Out or Burning Out !!! Help is there in the lap of nature extended to you by Navika Remedies' Research Centre hub "Brahmcharya Ayurved".
Nature's Medical Policy without any E.M.I. through the Consumer Division of Navika Remedies. How you can save on your medical bills - Let Us Explain ....
Anant A Complete Man-Care Tonic.
Kanak A Complete Tonic For Woman.
Wide range of Pharmaceuticals division from Navika Remedies.
Oriel Respiratory care at nature’s best.
Neo-Spectra A Natural Multi-Spectrum.
Juvenis An Unmatched Hepatic care.
Neo-Teric Defy Joint Pains, Osteoporosis & Build Healthy Bones.
Leucocic Nature’s Way to Leucorrhoea Control.
Gynecic Rejuvenates Female System Naturally.
Pregnacic Blissful & Safe Pregnancy.
Agnish Herbal Appetizer & Natural Haem Builder.
Syno-Lac Diarrhoea Care at Nature's Best.
Neo-Lacte Paramount Lactose Intolerance Care.
Pure-Ions Complete Solution for Hyper-Acidity, Indigestion & Piles.
Triveni Nervine Tonic for Superior Mental Performance.